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Openwork fabric

The term openwork fabric is used to name the task that is carried out in a fabric or fabric with a needle, causing the threads to join or removing some. In this way a kind of imitation of lace is carried out. More specifically, it is the transfer or transfer of a mesh to the next needle, with which its absence produces a hole that, duly combined, will form a drawing or cover the entire garment.

What is a Draft point like?

Openwork is a type of weaving technique in which several parts of a fabric are cut, which is usually cotton or linen and with the vacuum that results from these cuts, reinforcement and filling with needle lace or various types is made. of embroidery. It is ultimately an ornamentation that is made by modifying point by point to create these holes that later allow creating a specific or original design.

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In the openwork embroidery, the decorative motif stands out in relief on the background of the fabric. This embroidery is carried out with any technique that allows the decorative motif to be embodied, for example, by forming two overlapping layers of stitches, the first of which is completely hidden by the second. Another possibility is to use cut pieces of fabric (or other flexible materials) that are superimposed on the decorative motif to generate a greater volume and that, finally, are covered with the embroidery.

The threads used in this embroidery technique are usually made of gold silver (or one of its alloys) as well as gimped * The cutwork has a direct relationship with the unraveling, which is a technique in which certain threads are usually removed from the weft . There are several styles of sewing that include openwork in their execution, for example, the best known, the English embroidery. For also the Spanish openwork or the embroidery in white.

In unraveling, typically only the warp or weft yarns are removed (cut and removed), and the remaining yarns in the resulting hole are joined in various ways. In other types of cutwork, warp and weft threads can be drawn.
Sewing styles incorporating cutwork include English embroidery, Carrickmacross lace, white embroidery, reticella, Spanish cutwork, Hedebo2 embroidery, and jaali, which are prevalent in India.

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