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Double Face Point

Double-sided weave is a single-sided or reversible knit warp, made with two warps that fit some of the basic wefts against each other. It is a medium weight knit fabric (almost twice the thickness of a single fabric) that generally looks the same on both sides and has less stretch than a single weave fabric. Double-sided stitches are made with two strands, covering each other.

What is a double-sided stitch like?

Double knit is relatively intense and heavy to the touch, and is used for clothing and technical purposes
It is thick and fluffy due to its special two needle construction. Many different fibers are used to double knit. – cotton, rayon, wool, etc., even synthetic fibers are used

Buy double-sided stitch

Rayon double-sided knitted fabric is one of the most widely used double-sided knitted fabrics due to its softness. Ponte di Roma (Ponte knit) is a popular double knit fabric. It has a fine cross rib texture and is used to make pants and dresses.

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