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Jaquard Fabrics

Jacquard fabrics are knitted fabrics woven in a different way since threads of different colors make up the pattern. You can use them to make the same type of garments as other knitted fabrics, and this is also ideal for making cardigans and scarves.

The jacquard type of fabric makes it a durable fabric with abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance. Since the position of the thread makes the fabric more complex and durable, it provides greater durability. In jacquard fabric, the pattern is not printed or embroidered, but is woven directly into the fabric due to the jacquard loom system we saw earlier. Therefore, through jacquard, very complex patterns and drawings can be achieved.

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The fabric is a bit heavier and more complex than other fabrics. It is almost always used to produce garments with complex patterns. It has a tendency to have brightness and contrast in the paint. It can have silk or satin fabric. Durable fabric with abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance. Its cleaning can be more complicated than that of other fabrics.

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