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Ottoman Fabrics

Ottoman fabric is a type of fabric that has a weft or horizontal grating relief. This conditions its use, because, although it is a fabric that can be used in knitwear, it is a much more recurrent fabric in the decoration or home fashion sector. This is because in fashion garments, it can be interpreted, it depends on how it is arranged in design, which is a type of fabric that usually widens the figure. Therefore, its use in garments is much more restrained. But instead for sofa covers, shells or, especially cushion covers, it is a very widely used type of fabric.

Ottoman Point Features

The ottoman weave is usually a thick fabric that draws small channels or cords in horizontal lines. In this way it provides structure and when it includes elastic thread it adjusts to the body without marking anything.

The ottoman fabric generally only includes solid colors, it is easy to wash, resistant (no pellets, no snags, no wear) and does not lose color. As a curiosity to say that the name comes from the old Ottoman Empire, since it is a type of fabric that was widely used in Turkey.

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