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Plush fabrics

The terry or French terry cloth or also known in English as French terry, is a knitted fabric that is characterized by its difference between its right and its reverse. The right is usually a flat stitch and the reverse has cross loops, similar to the appearance of a towel. This toweling back creates high sweat absorbency, much more so than the knitwear of other styles, which is why it was used as a base fabric for sportswear before all technical synthetic compositions entered the market.

Origin of plush

The name Terry comes from the French word “pull”, which means to pull out and is usually made of cotton, or cotton blends with polyester, lycra or rayon. Terrycloth is a derivative of terry cloth, which has loops on both sides. The first terry cloth appeared in France in 1841 and was handmade in silk. Following this, John Bright began the manufacture of woolen terry cloth in England in 1845. Samuel Holt would manufacture the first cotton terry cloth in 1848 and patent it in Great Britain and the United States; began its mass production at its plant in Paterson, New Jersey in 1864.

Plush qualities

Despite being a relative of the towel, the big difference between the two is that the terry cloth is extremely elastic, making it and its characteristic absorption a perfect fabric for sports use in tracksuits, hoodies, yoga clothes, or shorts and for more spring clothes.

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