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Ribbed Knit Fabric

The ribbed fabric is a fabric that has a grated relief. This grated texture relief is due to the combination of meshes both horizontally and vertically. It is a dense point that is derived from the elastic point, with a flexibility that can even pass as a smooth point, which gives the fabric a certain stability

The vertical meshes are those that give it that characteristic grated touch and those that are positioned horizontally are those that give it that unique wavy relief, in line spacing. Symmetry should not be perfect in this type of knitting.

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Very often we find garments that vary that pattern within the Rib knit and, for example, in the vertical grating it predominates over the horizontal and vice versa.

This feature will make the rib knit always very visually recognizable, the rib knit is very flexible and has very good elasticity, which gives it a very adaptable touch to all kinds of garments.

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