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Single Jersey Fabrics

The type of fabric called Single Jersey is a simple knit fabric, with a weight between light and medium. It is the knitted fabric most commonly used to make dresses and it is also used quite frequently to make T-shirts. It can be made in different types of fibers such as wool jersey or silk jersey.

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Cotton jersey fabric is surely the favorite of many jersey dressmakers. It is a medium weight 4-way stretch knit fabric. Jersey t-shirt fabric is a cotton t-shirt that has a 2-way stretch. The t-shirt does not have the soft drape of rayon or silk fabric and has the uniqueness that it rolls up at the cut edges.

On the other hand, the cotton-rayon single jersey has all the fibers mixed to form a superior fabric with a very soft feel and a great drape.

Types of Jersey fabric

Jersey Knit Slub Fabric: In this type of fabric, slub yarns are added to plain jersey fabric for added thickness and a better appearance. This results in horizontal lines throughout the fabric. But this fabric doesn’t have a lot of stretch.

Silk Jersey is a very soft, almost transparent, light and shiny fabric with a very good drape and stretch. It is the best fabric for making tops, blouses and dresses.

Burntout Jersey and Tissue Jersey are special Jersey fabrics with a sheer appearance. The Burntout t-shirt has burned designs throughout.

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