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Cotton fiber that has been grown without pesticides or fertilizers, helping to conserve biodiversity and life cycles.
The processes used for generating the organic cotton have a minimal impact on the environment.

Unlike traditional techniques, organic cotton does not require the application of toxins that are harmful to health and the environment.


It is the new standard in ecologically responsible viscose.

It is obtained from renewable sources of wood through a responsible production with the environment, complying with environmental standards.


Lyocell, or tencel, is a material made from cellulose or wood pulp using a solvent spinning process.

Lyocell is a biodegradable product, it does not produce harmful by-products.


Made from discarded cotton fabrics. It is one of the most ecological fabrics on the planet.

It consists of reducing, reusing and recycling. Due to the use of recycled materials, it reduces dependence on natural raw materials.

The environmentally responsible closed-loop production process contributes to the circular economy.

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