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Talent and Profesionality

More than 15 years of experience in the sector are our guarantee.
Our philosophy is based on the constant search and development of innovative products.
A young and dynamic team with the desire to continue believing in the textile sector.


More than 15 years of experience


Research and development


Dynamic team

Design and Development


Design and development department has the necessary tools and versatility to offer the latest fashion trends, launching each season a new and updated sample book, as well as to research and develop any specific request according to the customer, providing support and technical advice at all times.

We study our products to the maximum to always offer the best price. All departments are carefully organised to provide the best possible customer service.

Together we make it possible for our wide range of articles to be distributed nationally and internationally in the shortest possible time.

Sustainable Fabrics

We are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of elastic fabrics, mainly for the swimwear sector. We are a team of people who work together with a single objective: commitment and responsibility to offer our customers the best quality.

What characterizes sustainable fabrics?

Sustainability to the power

The points to take into account would be the origin of the raw material, the yarn, the manufacturing that includes the weaving, and finally, the finishing processes and dyes.

Among the main differences between a sustainable fabric and one that is not, the efficient management of natural resources and that the manufacturing process minimises environmental impact to the maximum and that the circular economy predominates.

In order for all these points to be considered sustainable, they must initially have certificates and audits to prove it.

Sustainability with
guarantee certifications

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