Our collection is available in both standard and recycled yarns. To differentiate one collection from the other we have created a new concept to identify all those fabrics that are sustainable, either because they are developed with recycled polyamide or polyester yarns –pre- or post-consumer respectively– or just because we make polyester fabrics designed for transfer printing which, opposed to conventional printing, does not use water.

Plástico para reciclar

While recycled polyamide is generally pre-consumer, made from waste materials that come from a company’s main production cycle and these materials could not be reused in any other way and would have to be disposed of externally as waste, recycled polyester can be both.

Pre-consumer recycled polyester comes from discards from polyester production and from plastic bottles which, due to production failures, cannot be reused and are recycled to produce recycled fibres.

Post-consumer recycled polyester instead comes from plastic waste collected from the environment, mainly from the sea and landfills.

We have named this new concept restart because we give a new start to something by reusing plastic waste or reprocessing fibres or fibre leftovers from a manufacturing process.

MATEX is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified as part of our commitment to provide verification of recycled materials and traceability of the material to the final product.

Global Recycled Standard

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